“HEPSS 98” is a vibrant association that has evolved through stages to this present era.

Having enjoyed a close bond and a wow- moments among naggers coupled with  hectic but useful activities we ourselves termed ‘projects’ on campus like weeding, sweeping, dawn scrubbing, washing for school father et cetera  task  during our Secondary School days and left campus in the year 1998 with youthful exuberance and greater expectations or higher hopes.  We found ourselves scattered on different parts of the world and at the time, hooking up with buddies was tough. Thanks to Mark Zuckerberk and Facebook, when in August 2011, some colleagues like Bismark Yaw Asiedu, Tsawoe Innocent, Takyi Gifty, Emefa Dzamefe, Pastor Senyo Bright,  Amegbe Elsie, Michael Asamoah, Melody Johnson and some of our seniors as well as juniors met on social media, facebook  for the first time after school and immediately got connected and  kept exchanging numbers until it grew appreciably.

With technology advancing daily, in 1st Quarter of 2016, buddies decided to hook up on watsapp to check how far and to network .It didn’t take long enough when a greater  number of colleagues joined. It might interest you to know that 2016 was the best year the Association recorded its best carols night on 23rd and 24th December. Aaaah it was awesome with Chairman Rooo doing his own thing with Wutah Kobby.

HEPSS 98 ASSOCIATION was officially formed on Wednesday February 1st, 2017 with the promulgation of the constitution that binds the association by two third of honorable members who were enlisted and voted on the 27th February, 2017. Shortly after the constitution was enacted, byelaws also came into being. Article 3, clause 3.1 for our constitution for instance spell out the two key objectives of the association which is:

  • To promote and support HEPSS (in terms of school projects/activities) as well as needs of the school.
  • To enhance the welfare of members of the association.

Three category sets of executives were subsequently elected to stir the affairs of the association for two years thus from March 1st, 2017 to 31st March 2019. The categories are

: i. The Advisory Council,

ii.The National Executive and

iii.Zonal leaders.

The total number of membership as at 31st December, 2017 is one hundred and one (101).

Find below the first batch of HEPSS 98 National Executive  

Mr. Roland Worlanyo AyrakwaChairman

Mr. Innocent TsawoeVice Chairman

Mr. Success S. Mesiotso Secretary General

Mr. Michael Femor Asamoah Treasurer

Mr. Bismark Yaw Asiedu Chief Organizer

Mr. Wisdom Ametefe Deputy Organizer

If there is one thing that deserves a mention “about HEPSS 98 BATCH,” then it is the respect they accord for –one- another and the unity of purpose. The kind of tolerance, can-do spirit and a healthy competition among members to explore their talents in order to the fulfill their purposes though we do have late adopters in every association.

The association follows its Annual Activities/programs or projects designed by National Organizer in consultation with the National Executive. In 2017, it was able to embark on series of activities ranging from a visit to HEPSS to access state of the school, maiden get-to-together on the founders day (21st September), breakfast meetings/exhortation sessions at Aburi, Thursdays fasting and prayer for ourselves and families, the government and HEPSS.

Currently, HEPSS ‘98’ is preparing for its maiden Homecoming and twenty (20) years after school fun fair scheduled on November 9th -11th 2018. Preparations are far advanced to making sure that the homecoming and fun fair comes into reality. The Association is making frantic efforts to provide hundred (100) pieces of mono desk and other items worth GHC40,000 for the school (HEPSS) that has a larger population of 2,048 students.

The association has a fidelity current bank account number (1050806694816) for donation towards these projects. In case you want to support these noble course, you can also pay through a dedicated MTN mobile money number of 0241391067 to contribute your widows might, for ‘your gift will return to you in full-pressed down, shaken together to make room for more, running over, and poured into your lap. The amount you give will determine the amount you get back”(Luke 6:38). God bless you.