Mr. Roland Worlanyo Ayrakwa

Roland is a professional engineer with over fifteen years’ working experience in the construction sector. He is an astute business man and a professional farmer. As the chairman of the association, he oversees the financial, operational, project and welfare needs of the members in the Association. Roland is the Chief Executive Officer of De-Montag Company Ltd.

Until his company came into being, he was general manager of Indamina Company Ltd, overseeing the entire operational and financial affairs of the company. Mr. Ayrakwa has travelled all over the world attending conferences and workshop that ranges from one sector to another so as to sharpen his horizon, becomes current and to enable him  remain relevant .Some of the conferences attended were: Road Safety organization ETI, Concrete canvas UK/SA, Warn Portland Oregon, Mining Burkina Faso, AGI Mining industrial.

Roland holds a Bachelor of Arts in Administration from Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration and a certificate from CIM – UK. He is a member of the Ghana Contractors Association. Roland has three beautiful daughters and attends Evangelical Presbyterian Church,\- Ghana. He is not married.

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