HEPSS 98 Year Group.

“HEPSS 98” is a vibrant association that has evolved through stages to this present era.


Having enjoyed a close bond and a wow- moments among naggers coupled with  hectic but useful activities we ourselves termed ‘projects’ on campus like weeding, sweeping, dawn scrubbing, washing for school father et cetera  task  during our Secondary School days and left campus in the year 1998 with youthful exuberance and greater expectations or higher hopes.  We found ourselves scattered on different parts of the world and at the time, hooking up with buddies was tough. Thanks to Mark Zuckerberk and Facebook, when in August 2011, some colleagues like Bismark Yaw Asiedu, Tsawoe Innocent, Takyi Gifty, Emefa Dzamefe, Pastor Senyo Bright,  Amegbe Elsie, Michael Asamoah, Melody Johnson and some of our seniors as well as juniors met on social media, facebook  for the first time after school and immediately got connected and  kept exchanging numbers until it grew appreciably.

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